We started our establishment as a small outlet for glass work and mirror designing in the year 2014. We used to undertake small jobs for villas, houses, shop fronts and bathroom showers. This included -
1. Stained glass
2. Colored glass
3. Acid etching
4. Fusion glass
5. Sand blasting with green patterns on glass
6. Round shaping glass, cutting and polishing edges.
With growing demand in market we introduced beveling machine from Bovone Italy,one of it's best kind in the industry in 2017. Gradually expanding to more beveling machine from Italy. This includes V groove machine which makes design patterns on glass and mirror.
With numbers of machines and know how our capacity has vastly increased thus ensuring good finished final product and timely delivery for projects we have undertook for 8mm and 10mm clear, 4mm and 6mm silver and colored mirrors to name a few.