Enhance your glass surfaces with our customizable V-groove designs, perfect for various applications. 

  • Doors: Make a statement with our elegant V-groove designs for glass doors, leaving a lasting impression on your entryway or interior.
  • Partitions: Achieve both privacy and style with our V-groove designs for glass partitions, ideal for residential and commercial spaces. 
  • Tables: Elevate your dining or coffee table with a customized V-groove design, transforming it into a captivating centrepiece. 
  • Shower enclosure: Create a luxurious and serene atmosphere in your shower enclosure with our exquisite custom V-groove designs, bringing a spa-like experience to your home.


Enrich the appeal and functionality of your glass surfaces with the artistry of sandblasting. This versatile technique adds a textured and elegant finish, showcasing meticulous attention to detail. 

  • Doors and windows: Elevate privacy and sophistication with sandblasted glass doors and windows, allowing natural light while preserving seclusion. 
  • Partitions: Create a harmonious blend of beauty and functionality with sandblasted glass partitions, effortlessly dividing residential or commercial spaces. 
  • Bathrooms: Transform your bathroom into a luxurious retreat with a sandblasted glass shower enclosure, evoking tranquillity and refinement.
  • Tables: Elevate the ambiance of your dining or coffee table with a captivating sandblasted glass tabletop, becoming a fascinating focal point.